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A Taste of My Summer at Weil

NEW YORK – Working at Weil this summer has been an incredible experience filled with invaluable exposure to a variety of practice areas and groups. I just finished a four week Corporate Department rotation, where I got a taste of many different practice groups. Since there is much to do and see within a limited amount of time, Weil allows summer associates to sample the large number of practice groups by utilizing something that everybody loves: food.

I’ve had the opportunity to try Nordic herring while discussing the fast pace of M&A; the chance to feast on some of midtown’s best sushi while talking to Banking and Finance associates about their years at the firm; I’ve even spotted Tina Fey while munching on some great-tasting gnocchi. At Weil, the opportunity to go to lunch and engage in conversations with down-to-earth people has been as plentiful as talking about what will happen in next week’s Game of Thrones episode—and something that has been a highlight of my summer.

While the lunches alone have certainly provided for a fantastic urban experience, the opportunity to sit down and converse with an array of people who have diverse personalities and perspectives has been something I’ve tried taking full advantage of. It’s been incredibly important for me to not only find work that interests me, but also to find a group that I click with, share a similar sense of humor with, and can see myself working with for a long time to come. At Weil, setting up fantastic lunches is just one of the many ways the firm helps facilitate making sure summer associates find just that fit.

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