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Five-Star Reviews: Formal and Informal Feedback

BOSTON – During orientation, we learned that we would have two formal reviews during the summer – one halfway through and one at the end, in addition to receiving feedback on each assignment in real time. The last few weeks flew by, and last week brought midsummer reviews for the summer associates in the Boston office. While I was nervous about sitting down with my reviewing partner and discussing my work, I really did know what to expect, because I had been able to debrief assignments with people along the way.

The partner began my review with a discussion of why the firm values having multiple formal reviews every year. She emphasized that the purpose of formal reviews is ensuring everyone is on the right track and has the opportunity to hear what they are doing well, and to know what they can do better. The attorneys at Weil, both partners and associates, truly care that the summer associates have the opportunity to learn, develop skills, and be prepared to start our legal careers. Knowing the purpose of reviews is to help me make the most of my experience here definitely makes receiving feedback a positive experience. I really appreciated the occasion to discuss and determine what I can focus on developing while I have ample time and opportunities to do so.

Informal review is a key part of the work flow here at Weil. The associates will give me work product marked up, so I can see what they have changed. They take time to sit down and talk through why what I have drafted is right or wrong and how it could be better. Even if things are rushed during a deal, and we cannot do a thorough discussion, they will offer to revisit assignments when things quiet down. Formal review balances all of this out by providing the space to think about patterns in the work I have done and do a higher-level analysis of what I can learn and what skills I can develop. I greatly appreciate the time and energy the attorneys at Weil, both those I have worked with and those I have not, have given me to help me have the best and most fruitful summer experience possible.

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