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Meaningful Training

BOSTON – Over the past several weeks at Weil, we’ve had numerous training sessions on topics ranging from the basics of private equity to the ins and outs of purchase agreements. During each training, the associates and partners take the time to provide the big picture as well as practical insight into the role of a junior associate on each stage of a deal.

What’s great about the training program here at Weil is that training sessions are reinforced by hands-on work. For instance, in the same week we received training on due diligence, I was also staffed on a deal where I was able to contribute to the diligence process. Originally, I had only focused on the specific task at hand; but after the training, I was able to see how the task fit as part of the entire deal process.

Weil’s emphasis on teamwork quickly became apparent at the start of the summer associate training program. It has been great to observe the way deal teams work together to get everything done to meet a deadline and exceed client expectations. What’s more, this dedication to teamwork has provided opportunities for us to learn by doing and learn from each other. Each of us has had the opportunity to work on a variety of different projects, so when given a new task, sometimes our first stop for questions is each other.

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