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Mentoring at Weil

NEW YORK – During my past few weeks at Weil, I have heard from partners and associates that “lawyering is a guild profession”—in order to become a good lawyer, I should closely observe and learn from experienced attorneys. Having had amazing mentoring and observational opportunities this summer, I am convinced that I will be able to truly thrive at Weil.

My supervising attorneys have been training me to produce high quality work product and also to see the bigger picture of each project. While doing my assignments, from drafting a motion to conducting legal research, I received thorough guidance. My supervisors carefully marked up my assignment, sat down with me individually, and advised me on both what I did well and what I could improve. I felt incredibly lucky to receive such one-on-one mentoring from undoubtedly some of the best lawyers in the country. Moreover, my assignment coordinator invited me to sit in on internal meetings with partners, calls with clients and court hearings that were related to my assignment. My supervisors also shared with me how they incorporated my legal research into a motion and a brief, allowing me to see how I contributed to the team’s work.

My experience so far reflects the overall firm culture. A senior associate told me that by receiving feedback from partners and colleagues, she can always make a good work product even better. The interactive and collaborative atmosphere really sets Weil apart, and I cannot wait to grow as a member of the Weil team.

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