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Midpoint Reflections

BOSTON – Over the past six weeks at Weil, the summer associates in the Boston office have had the opportunity to experience the collegial culture at Weil while getting substantive exposure to deal work. Although the attorneys ensure that we are thoroughly enjoying the summer experience by initiating frequent outings and lunches, they also keep us busy and involved in interesting and rewarding projects.

During my time at Weil, I have had the opportunity to be staffed on projects at various stages of a deal and have witnessed the entire life cycle of a transaction. Completing work during different stages of the process has clarified how the pieces of the deal fit together. I have also found that deal team members are enthusiastic about helping us navigate the transactions. When assigning projects, the deal team takes the time to clearly explain the legal or business reasoning behind our assignments. The comprehensive explanations have helped me delve deeper into issues that may arise and have challenged me to think creatively about how to best help clients achieve their business goals.

In addition to being immersed in our practice group, summer associates have the opportunity to explore other fields of law through pro bono work. Attorneys dedicated to pro bono involve us in various types of cases that allow us to both give back to our community and increase our knowledge of the legal system.

Our summer class has consistently had the opportunity to do meaningful and exciting work. The open door policy, the teamwork mentality and overall collegial environment have made this summer a worthwhile experience.

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