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Musings on My First Day

Starting a new job is sometimes intimidating, especially as a summer associate. Weil plans an orientation for your first few days as a summer, which is very well-organized and informative. After that, the summer experience truly begins – and I’m here to tell you about my first day on my own at the Firm.

I walked into work that day with no assignments, but I didn’t have to wait long – I hadn’t even reached my office when I saw an email on my phone from my assignment coordinator. I was assigned on three matters and was advised to reach out to the partners and associates I would be working with. As I was drafting my introductions, my assignment coordinator reached out again, this time inviting me to sit in on several calls that afternoon.

I arrived to my assignment coordinator’s office 15 minutes before the calls were to start, so he could give me some background on the deal. He was very excited about it, and he took the time to make sure I understood exactly what was going on. After the calls were finished, he ended up assigning me to the matter.

Later that afternoon, I met with two associates about a different matter. They were super friendly and also clearly excited about their work – they had both been on the matter since the beginning, and they had formed a great bond. After I got back to my office, one of the associates called to ask if I wanted to get coffee with her and her friend. It was great to chat outside of the matter. They also introduced me to other colleagues on our floor.

Weil attorneys are extremely friendly. They are happy to answer questions, explain their work, and were interested in getting to know me personally as well. It’s important to find the right people at a law firm, and luckily, Weil makes it easy.

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