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A Weil-Tailored Summer Experience

The summer associate experience at almost every law firm has two components: the work and the people. We have the opportunity to not only explore what legal work is like at a big law firm, but also get to know the people at the Firm, build mentorships and friendships, and decide whether this is the place where we can become more well-rounded and capable professionals. Four days in, I know Weil has tailored its summer experience to help me achieve just these goals.

On the work end, every assignment I have received has been carefully thought through by the supervising attorneys to fit the needs, interest and capability of a summer associate. The most common thing I hear so far when an associate assigns work to me is: “this is by far the most interesting deal I have worked on and it can really give you the full flavor of what I do on a daily basis.” It is clear that before the summer associates come into the New York office, the lawyers at Weil have really spent some time figuring out what is the most informative, intellectually stimulating, and interest sparking work we could do as summers for each practice group.

This is achieved, partly by how the social dynamic is set up at Weil. Each of us is paired with three attorneys, one junior associate as a summer “sibling” and two senior associates as assignment and social coordinators. I talk to each of them regularly during the day and it is like having a committee of consultants to be there just for me. They help me to find work that fits my interest and lawyers whom I want to talk to, learn from and have lunch with. Their steady hands, guidance, and experience are an anchor to a young law student like me to start my professional career.

Weil is a people-centered place, where I feel heard, empowered, and I am given the space to grow and opportunities to be challenged. I could not think of a more exciting and well-tailored place for law students to start their careers.

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