My Weil Experience

I chose Weil because of the quality of the Firm and the people that drive the Firm, and my experience thus far has only reinforced the accuracy of my first impressions. From my very first week, I have worked on incredibly exciting cases and I have been greatly inspired by the people I have encountered. In the few weeks since I have been here, it has quickly become clear to me that Weil has perfected the balance of delivering excellent work product that is created by passionate, caring and genuine people.

Weil strives to make its “summers” feel welcome and treats us as members of the team from day one. I was amazed by the care and detail that Weil has put into the Summer Associate Program and the effort it has expended in ensuring that our experience at the Firm is as meaningful as possible. Weil leaves nothing to chance, and provides its summer associates with all of the tools necessary to succeed along every step of the way. From formal department rotations to practice areas of your choice to individual assignment and social coordinators and, finally, to mentors—Weil has got you covered.

Additionally, Weil’s Summer Program provides us with a glimpse into what working as an associate would be like—it combines real work experience along with mentorship. The Program allows us to participate in a myriad of interesting and exciting cases, while at the same time, has carved out opportunities for its summer associates to meet and speak with the Firm’s leading attorneys on an informal basis.

It is quite simple—Weil provides its summer associates with exposure to fascinating and exciting cases, but it is the people at Weil that transform a great firm into a truly incredible firm. Thus, my first impressions could not have been truer and I find myself incredibly lucky to have been granted the opportunity to “summer” at Weil.

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