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Pro Bono Opportunity

NEW YORK – Weil’s dedication to pro bono is one of the things that brought me to this firm. Weil offers summer associates in New York the opportunity to take a two-week externship where you are placed to work with a non-profit organization.

For two weeks, I traveled to Brooklyn to work in the Legal Aid Society’s Housing Practice. On my first day, my supervising attorney gave me a case. A landlord was attempting to evict our client despite our client’s contractual right to a renewal of the lease. I interviewed the client, wrote an affidavit and drafted a motion to dismiss. The following week, we filed the motion with the housing court and served the landlord. I’m proud to say that my supervising attorney emailed me recently to tell me that the judge granted our motion to dismiss.

Seeing how our client appreciated the work we did was the best feeling in the world. I think it’s easy to forget that sometimes all it takes is a few hours of work to make a lasting impact on someone’s life and change their situation for the better. As lawyers, we should be committed to helping those we can when we can. As a summer associate at Weil, you will be put in a position to develop skills that will enhance your career while doing work that both challenges you and gives back to the community.

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