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Summer Associates at Weil Are Given Real Work

NEW YORK – Anticipating my experience as a summer associate at Weil, I often wondered what types of assignments I’d get to work on. I thought, given my little experience, that I would only be assigned small, discrete research assignments that would be of little significance to the case. Well, as the summer draws to a close, I can affirmatively state that I thought wrong. Summer associates at Weil are given real work, tasks that are typically assigned to junior associates, so that they can truly experience what it is like to be a first-year associate at the firm.

This summer, I have had the opportunity to actively participate in multiple investigations. At the start, I thought my role would be limited to reviewing the relevant documents and assisting the associates in preparing for witness interviews. To my surprise, however, I was able to step into the shoes of a first-year associate and was given the important task of transcribing the interviews and then drafting the memoranda summarizing the facts obtained.

In addition to getting real work, summer associates at Weil are given opportunities to observe the attorneys in action. Whether it be attending a trial, watching a witness be prepped to take the stand, or simply sitting in on a phone call between a partner and the client, summer associates are able to experience firsthand what it is like to practice at Weil.

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