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Welcomed at Weil

After only beginning the summer program a week ago, I am already impressed by the attorneys at Weil and their efforts to be welcoming, helpful, and friendly with the incoming summer associates. Weil facilitates great formal mentorship opportunities by having summer associates work directly with experienced associates and partners. Each attorney I’ve worked with so far is sure to explain all of the details of a matter so that I truly understand the case. Understanding these complex issues has already helped me do better work and have a better understanding of what different groups do day to day. Additionally, partners in the BFR group reached out to the BFR summer associates to invite them to collaborate with them on blog posts for the Weil Bankruptcy Blog. Partners that seek out help from summer associates have made me feel truly welcomed and appreciated here, and I am excited to start working on these matters.

While Weil’s formal mentorship has been amazing, the informal mentorship is where Weil really shines. Almost all of the attorneys on my floor have stopped by my office to introduce themselves and help me with any questions. They are also always available to go out for coffee to discuss their work. In fact, one of the partners in BFR that I went to lunch with the other day invited me to sit in on a call in his office just because I was interested in the topic. I’ve also appreciated the candid advice the attorneys give, including their insight into how their particular industry works, which is generally something you can’t learn in a classroom. This first week has really confirmed that I made the right choice when I picked Weil. I truly feel welcomed and believe this is a great place to receive training to further my career.

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