Pro Bono,  Summer@Weil

Why Weil?

NEW YORK – The people at Weil are what make this firm truly remarkable. I first interacted with Weil attorneys during an on-campus reception my first semester and, instantly, I clicked with the attorneys I met. They all had pleasant and engaging personalities! Although we discussed the general “research checklist” of things to inquire about when meeting attorneys at potential firms, what I remembered most was that our conversation included a fair amount of laughter. One piece of advice I received about the job search process is to place a high premium on the personality of a firm and the people that work there. Could I envision spending my working hours with people already at the firm? Would I actually want to get to know my colleagues as individuals? Or would I select a firm that made me want to run out of the door each day and never speak to my co-workers again? I was determined to find the former and as the school year progressed and I met more representatives from Weil, I continued to like everyone. The recruiting department is truly gifted in selecting some of the most brilliant and personable people in the profession and getting to know my fellow summer class members reinforces this belief.

As a diverse student and attorney-in-training, in addition to finding a firm where I felt comfortable, I also prioritized finding a firm where I would be given the training and opportunities to develop my skills to become the best attorney I can be. Meeting with diverse associates and learning about their current assignments and exposure to senior attorneys further solidified my belief that Weil would be an ideal fit for my personality. I wanted to find a firm that is intentional about rewarding good work regardless of who it comes from. To that point, I sat in on a Diversity and Inclusion brainstorming session to give input on ways the firm can further engage diverse students during the recruiting process. Weil is a firm with a sincere dedication to Diversity and Inclusion and both the on-campus recruiting efforts as well as my time at the firm this summer have proven that to me. I think any student looking for a special firm with intelligent and personable attorneys, challenging and interesting client matters, and a dedication to diversity would be remiss to overlook the opportunities that Weil can provide.

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