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My Introduction to Weil

NEW YORK – Within my first couple of weeks in Weil’s summer program, I have already had the opportunity to work on several assignments, meet numerous associates and partners, and develop a deep appreciation for firm culture. Starting at a major law firm can be challenging, yet Weil has made that transition more than manageable. Everyone I have worked with has been exceptionally accessible and helpful. If I struggle with part of an assignment or would like feedback or guidance, I always feel comfortable asking for help. Better yet, I have always received the help I asked for.

Weil has also done a remarkable job of coordinating assignments with my interests. Every summer is paired with an assignment coordinator with whom we regularly communicate. We provide updates on how our assignments are going, whether our workload is too high or low, and the sort of assignments we would like to work on. I am currently in a four week litigation rotation, and I have always had an interest in IP work. In this short time period, I have already been on three substantive IP assignments, including one for the partner who heads the IP Media practice, and one observational for a major music client. On my second day here, I was already staffed on a matter. The following day, I met with associates and a partner about the case, and then was off doing research for a memo. Weil has no qualms about throwing their summer associates into the deep end, but always does so with guidance and plenty of help available when it is needed.

In addition to IP assignments, I have been working on a pro bono project dealing with constitutional issues. This has been a fantastic project to work on. Not only was constitutional law the last thing I expected to be working on this summer, but I also did not think I would be doing a significant research assignment where my work product will be reviewed during the initial trial strategy meeting. The caliber of people working on this matter shows that Weil is very serious about pro bono, and the fact that I have been able to work with this team has demonstrated that they are equally serious about giving summer associates the experience they want.

While very high profile and intensive work is done here, everyone manages to maintain a pleasant demeanor, and seems to genuinely enjoy working at Weil. The many lunches and events all have a surprisingly laid back atmosphere. The people here are not only industry leaders, but also great people to talk to, whether in or out of the office.

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