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Work, Eat (a lot), Social Events, Repeat

It is only Day 4 of Weil’s Summer Program and I can confidently say that I picked the right place to work. The days have been packed with challenging assignments, friendly faces, fun social events, and delicious lunches with various attorneys at Weil. Initially, I was worried that I would get lost in the shuffle at such a large firm, but those fears quickly faded. Between my summer sibling, the Legal Recruiting Department, my associate and partner mentors, and the social and assignment coordinators, I can virtually turn anywhere to get the help I may need.

The summer class is broken up into subgroups that consist of about twenty summer associates and three Weil attorneys. My group not only helped me to meet other summers, but also provides me with the opportunity to talk with partners and associates, whom I might not otherwise meet. For example, last night we had our first group dinner at this great restaurant close to the office. The dinner began with a fun ice breaker where we all introduced ourselves and gave a fact about either the strangest job we ever had or the most interesting place we have traveled. As you may expect, the ice breaker not only helped us learn more about one another, but it also resulted in a lot of laughter.

Throughout the dinner, I spoke at length with one of the partners from the BFR Department, learning about his experiences in BFR and at Weil. This conversation was particularly beneficial for me because I am doing my first rotation through the BFR Department.

The past four days have exponentially exceeded my expectations. The only negative will be the weight gain I will inevitably have as a result of all the firm lunches and dinners!

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