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Diversity at Weil

When it comes to diversity, Weil isn’t a firm that just espouses its own virtues. Before interviewing with Weil, I had been impacted by its diversity initiatives. During my first-year summer, I was an intern within the Judicial Intern Opportunity Program and an attendee of Lavender Law—institutions to which Weil donates and recruits from at a top-tier level. Upon arriving at the summer program, I saw one of my LGBTQ+ interviewers had been promoted to partner, and another a member of the Summer Program Committee.

Entering a room of over a hundred summer associates, I already had plenty of friends. Not long after OCI, the Firm put together multiple Weil Pride events, including bringing us all to New York City for a dinner, followed by a great night of networking. Thanks to Weil, I have an appropriately diverse set of friends to support me professionally, as well as a close-knit social group for a summer of exploration in the world’s greatest city.

The truth is that Weil was always my top pick for OCI—I interned at a bankruptcy court. I knew of Weil through reputation and law review articles. They’re Harvey Miller’s firm, the stuff of legends. Even back in the 70s, Weil understood the value of diversity when it entered restructuring. It’s that same understanding and drive that propels the firm today as a leader in diversity.

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