Connecting Through Mentorship

One of the best parts of the Summer Associate Program at Weil is the attention and care that goes into helping summer associates build meaningful connections with attorneys at all levels across the firm. I remember this being a highlight at the start of the program, and it continues to be true.

Last week, I was invited to join a Women@Weil mentoring circle for its monthly meeting. Mentoring Circles are groups of associates and partners/counsel who meet to discuss career development topics and to support each other’s professional careers. It was a unique opportunity to hear about life at the firm and the many ways Weil seeks to engage the talents of women at all levels. I especially enjoyed hearing women at different stages of their careers talk about what is most pressing for them right now and provide each other with feedback and advice about how to set themselves up for future success. It was obvious that the Mentoring Circle serves as a place where associates across practice groups can find community and build a network of support that feeds forward and feeds backward at the same time.

From summer siblings, to assignment coordinators, to partner lunches; Weil ensures that summer associates are connected to people eager to make us feel welcome and to help us begin our path to success at the firm.

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