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Externing in the Bronx

NEW YORK – Every morning for the last two weeks, instead of walking ten minutes down 58th Street to Weil’s office, I have trekked on the 6 to the Bronx where I go to my pro bono externship at a small non-profit called Start Small Think Big. My externship is well worth the extra commute time–it has honed my legal skills while giving me a new perspective on corporate law.

Start Small Think Big is a non-profit organization which pairs low income and minority small-business owners with corporate attorneys who help solve their businesses’ legal issues. My job involves researching our clients’ problems and helping Start Small Think Big attorneys meet with the business owners to assess their legal issues. The experience has been wonderful! It puts a human face to many of the legal issues I have worked on while at Weil. It has reminded me of how important corporate law can be in growing companies, ensuring legal compliance and creating jobs. As icing on the cake, I get to spend every day making the dreams of entrepreneurs possible, an experience that keeps me smiling as I ride the 6 back to midtown each afternoon.

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