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How I Chose Weil and Why I’m Glad I Did

DALLAS – Weil is a firm marked by its attorneys’ and staffs’ genuine sense of community and true enjoyment of each other and their work. In choosing a firm as a 2L, I had been lost in the process of numerous interviews around the country with many excellent law firms. Yet in the midst of distinguished firms, Weil stood out in its commitment to a one firm culture that fosters dedication to developing the professional capacities of its associates.

Even before OCI began, I attended Weil’s Rising 2L Reception and had the opportunity to meet the incredible individuals that work in the Dallas office in an informal setting. I met with two of the attorneys after the reception to talk about their work and experiences at Weil, which thoroughly convinced me of the very real appreciation they share for the relationships formed with and the support they receive from their colleagues.

In the six weeks that I have spent in the tax group, I learned that, more than having an amazing culture, Weil also has exceptionally talented attorneys who are dedicated to their work as well as to fostering the legal skills of its junior associates. For instance, the tax associate on the deal I’m currently staffed on has always responded promptly and thoroughly to my questions in great detail despite having several deals that were closing during the same week. Moreover, despite getting difficult and substantive assignments, I have felt them to be manageable because the attorneys here have been incredibly approachable and willing to provide guidance even though they were not directly involved in the deal.

It has been a whirlwind of a summer, and there is no doubt in my mind that I made the right decision in choosing Weil’s Summer Associate Program.

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