Making the Right Choice

The day after I finished my 1L summer internship, I began the long and stressful process of interviewing for my 2L summer associate position. As the first in my family to attend law school, I had no idea how to differentiate between any of the firms I was fortunate enough to interview with, and I frankly felt very clueless. Having convinced myself the only way I could make the right decision was to learn everything about each firm, I dedicated hours to researching every possible detail. But after all my effort, I just had a feeling that Weil was the right choice for me. One week in to the summer and I’m thrilled I trusted my gut.

There is no doubt that the work you’ll be exposed to at Weil is at the highest levels of the legal industry. Each department, Corporate, Litigation, Business Finance & Restructuring, and Tax, Benefits, and Executive Compensation, is full of incredibly experienced attorneys working on complex and exciting matters. During my first few days as a summer associate I’ve been lucky to get experience with significant legal issues, not just tedious busy work. My assignment coordinator has been there from Day 1 to make sure I had enough work to keep me focused and interested, but not enough to leave me overwhelmed.

But what makes Weil such a great place is the same intangible guiding my gut feeling – the people. Starting with my screener interview, every person I’ve encountered at Weil has been caring, kind, and focused on ensuring my individual success. Before I had finished 2L finals my Summer Sibling, a junior associate with whom I’m paired for the summer, called me to chat, see if I had any questions, and set up a lunch for my first week of work. Every person I met during orientation, from members of the Legal Recruiting team, to the secretaries, to the Senior Partners, openly encouraged me to contact them if I needed help with anything, and each associate and partner has gone out of his or her way to make sure my experience was as beneficial as possible. Even when they were in the middle of a complicated negotiation I was observing, the Senior Partners leading the team made sure to take time during each break to explain what was happening and answer questions. This clear commitment to ensuring that all summer associates not only feel welcome at the firm, but learn and develop skills, has reinforced my feeling that Weil was undoubtedly the right choice.

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