Mentors Galore

NEW YORK – Weil does an amazing job making sure summer associates feel welcome. Coming to such a large firm reminds me of the first day of undergrad: exciting, yet nerve-wrecking. Partners are the professors, associates are upper classmen, and everyone in between is also crucial to the success of the firm or university. In school, I remember the relief I felt when a kind student offered to walk me to my first class after seeing the confusion on my face while looking at a campus map. The only difference with Weil is that I have a multitude of people walking me to class; better yet, I never even needed to open a map.

Before the start of the summer program, I was contacted by my firm sibling. This is a junior associate with whom a summer associate is paired who becomes our go-to for even the simplest questions. They continuously check on our progress and are concerned with our overall well-being during the summer. We are also matched with two summer program committee mentors who plan events and are concerned with the summer program as a whole, socially and professionally. Weil also does a rotation program. Within each rotation we are paired with an assignment coordinator. This person makes sure we are getting staffed on assignments in which we are interested and also serves as a mentor. Lastly, we are paired with an associate mentor and partner/counsel mentor within each rotation.

I will be rotating through three departments at Weil this summer so I will ultimately have 12 different mentors during my time here. This is in addition to the connections that I form on my own throughout the summer. Weil definitely prioritizes integration and making summers comfortable.

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