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Rotational Programs Round out Your Legal World

One of the many advantages of the Weil Summer Associate Program is the ability to choose at least two of the firm’s four overarching departments to rotate through. I chose to complete eight weeks in litigation, followed by four weeks in BFR. During my eight weeks in litigation I have had the opportunity to work on assignments for almost every practice group within the department from Securities Litigation to Products Liability, and Complex Commercial Litigation to Employment. The firm overall has a very collegial culture, and receiving work from the many different litigation groups just elucidated for me that each practice group has its own unique personality that matches the sort of work the group is focused on. Being able to work and socialize amongst the many different litigation practice groups throughout these first eight weeks has truly shown me there are multiple arenas in which I could see myself finding a niche at Weil.

The rotational structure to our program also allows each individual summer associate to add his or her own spin to the experience. Summer associates can work with assignment coordinators in their respective rotations to request more assignments from a practice group they have become very interested in, or ask to try something they previously knew very little about. Provided you rotate through at least two different overarching departments, there is the flexibility to craft your own summer experience, whether that be trying out a taste of all the departments or focusing most heavily on one you might be leaning towards. The possibilities are endless.

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