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Work Assignments

NEW YORK – Arriving in New York for my summer at Weil, I was very anxious to learn what types of assignments we would be working on.  While I had a general sense of the practice areas that interested me, I really wanted to explore different groups, while at the same time receiving substantive work in those groups in which I had the most interest.  Quickly upon starting my summer, I came to realize that this was exactly what I would be able to do at Weil.

Starting the first week, I was assigned a combination of substantive assignments, along with some observational experiences that were truly incredible.  The associates and partners on the deals were always eager to give summers responsibility early, and often.  Not only was I given the opportunity to sit in on deal meetings, but I was also given the opportunity to draft documents, conduct research, and work on assignments similar to those given to the junior associates at the Firm. All this substantive experience was given knowing that the requisite oversight and attention would be paid by senior associates and partners.  Along the way, I was given substantial feedback and guidance, and the Firm always rewarded quality work with greater responsibility and more interesting projects.  I greatly appreciated the way in which I was given guidance, while at the same time, given freedom to take risks.

While I have enjoyed my assignments thus far, my favorite part of the summer has been the observational experiences that the Firm provides for summers.  During my first two weeks, I was able to sit in on, and take part in, multiple client meetings and deal calls.  I always felt included and a part of the team, which goes a long way in development and learning.  Moreover, I was given the opportunity to have direct contact with some of the most senior attorneys at the firm, seeing them interact with heads of companies, boards, and clients.  These experiences have complemented the substantive assignments that I have received, and have allowed me to see these senior attorneys in action.  Not only have I learned a lot this summer, but I’ve also been able to have experiences that make me excited to come to work, and that confirm that I made the correct decision in choosing to summer with Weil.

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